Essay Poaching and Killing Tigers

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Tigers being poached or killed is decreasing their populations dramatically.This species may not be here for long. Some tigers live in reserves to help their populations increase.Tigers are very active and like bathing. Tigers are a beautiful animals, yet their habitats are becoming isolated; thus, there will be no more tigers.
Suprisingly, the biggest member in the cat family is the tiger(“Basic”para.1).The states, “They sport long, thick reddish coats with white bellies and white and black tails. There heads, bodies, tails, and limbs have narrow black, brown, or gray stripes.” (“Basic”para.1). The Britannica Encyclopedia states, “The Bengal, Indo-Chinese, and Sumatran tigers are bright reddish tan, beautifully marked with
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At 2 ½ years old the cubs leave the mother. Males that are wandering around might kill the cubs, so the mother protects them (“Basic”para.7). Every 2-2 ½ years the female will be pregnant. If the cubs die the female (mother) can be pregnant in about 5 months to have another litter. The states, “Tigers generally gain indepenence at 2 years of age and atrain sexual maturity at 3-4 years for females and 4-5 for males. Juvenile mortality is high, however, about half of all cubs do not survive more than 2 years. Tigers have been known to reach the age of 26 years in the wild.” (“Tiger”World para.3). In warm climates mating season runs from November to April, whereas in constant climates their season runs in the winter time (“Basic”para,7). Male tigers are protective of their territories. Tigers need space and a lot of it. When one male tiger enters another males territory or area, that male gets tense and scrapes the ground, claws trees, and gives off scents from their glands rubbing (“Tiger”Britannica para.5). Lonesome tigers have a big domain, but it all depends on how much prey is available to them. Some lonesome tigers do not defend their domains, and sometimes visit for a period of time (weeks-days). They mark their domain with feces or urine (“Tiger”World para.4). Tigers usually kill or track prey alone. Usually relying on sight and sound the tiger hunts it prey (“Tiger”World para,2).
Furthermore, some nights

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