I Heard an Owl Call My Name Essay examples

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Novel Summary

Part 1: Yes, My Lord – No, My Lord
Chapter 1
• The intentions and motives of the Bishop regarding Mark are uncovered – we find out that the reason why he sends Mark to Kingcome is because Mark only has three years to live as he is slowly dying from disease. But the Bishop only answered gently that it was where he would wish to go if he were young again, and in the ordinand’s place. P. 3
• Mark meets Jim – at first Jim is shy and only talks to Mark when he is talked to.
• Mark remembers the background information on the area that the Bishop told him. The Indian name of the village is Quee which means “inside place”... Whoop Szo, the Noisy Mountain...Now Kingcome is known as a
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he takes on more responsibility within the clan
• Mark listens to the dying wish of Gordon’s mother  to make sure and help Gordon get an education & he agrees to uphold it
• All of the tribe, again including Mark, shares in the grief and depression of the death of Gordon’s mother – a grandmother of the tribe
• Mark reflects that death belongs here P. 69
• Mark shares in their grief, suffering with them.
• The tribe offer to help Mark build his new vicarage now you are theirs P. 71

Part 3: Che-Kwa-Lá
Chapter 12
• The village men prepare the new vicarage. All of the equipment and tools is brought by a hired barge
• Keetah and her elders return to the village to stay. They reminisce about the past and mark is shocked by how much has been lost
• Gordon comes home and his elders stay away  he is part of the new world now
• Keetah waits on Jim  she looks after him, responding to his requests without question.
• The whole tribe helped in the building of the new vicarage
• Mark is one of them one friend to another P 78
• Caleb, the Bishop and the other clergymen come to the new vicarage
• Mrs Hudson is ill but appears well at the dance the next evening. The Bishop states to Mark that he has seen this before but can’t explain it.
• Mark worries that the Indians will

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