Essay about Gluttony in Doctor Faustus

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Gluttony in Doctor Faustus

Doctor Faustus is a scholar who questions all knowledge and finds it lacking. Because none of his learning will allow him to transcend his mortal condition, he rejects God and forms a pact with Lucifer all the while pursuing the arts of black magic. Of course, this is one more propaganda piece of Western Christianity attempting to argue that knowledge is dangerous and confining instead of rewarding and liberating. It also suggests a Protestant parallel in its representation that one who believes in everything ends up believing in nothing. However, if we cast aside its use as a socio-economic, ideological tool of manipulation, we can explore its character, action and themes without suffering too much
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Of course, in keeping with Christian ideology, the Glutton is not breaking any laws by eating food and taking a drink, they are natural pleasures. However, he is going against Christian ideology by having more "pleasure" in these things than allowable for those who hope to make it to the "promised" land. In a parallel of the body of Christ bread and wine bit, Glutton's parents come from royal stock, a father who was a haunch of bacon and a hogshead of claret wine for a mother. His godmother was strong beer and, therefore, we see another stab at one of the biggest sins of Christian ideology, drunkenness. When Faustus will not choose to dine with such an unholy-spawned being, Gluttony damns him, "Then the devil choke thee!" (Marlowe 50). Of course, we get the Christian retort to such damnations from Faustus, "Choke thyself, glutton!" (Marlowe 51). In other words, the Glutton is damned by his own hand and insatiable base appetites. In this we can also see the Christian damnation of all akin to pagan belief.

All of the other seven deadly sins are also associate with images of surfeit or excess. Wrath has such anger that if he can find no other enemies to battle, he "wounds" up himself. Sloth is so consumed in sloth that he will not speak more for a king's ransom. Envy is envious because he cannot show the world how fat he would be if it were in his control to become so. Pride is

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