Critique of the Film One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Essay

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The film One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is considered one of the greatest films in American films and was directed by Milos Forman. The film, which adapted from Ken Kesey’s popular novel by the same name, was filmed in the Oregon State Hospital which is a real mental institution. The perspective through which the film is presented from indicates a theme of allegory where rebellion is pitted against tyrannical authority coupled with a quest to maintain the status quo of in-mates and the established authority. Via the keen eyes for details, the film unfolds the matriarchal leadership of tyrannical Big Nurse Ratched who keeps the mentally disturbed men in line. The new in-mate Randall Patrick McMurphy is fun-loving and likes scuffles …show more content…
The in-mates receive pills dispensed from the Nurses’ station. When McMurphy sets in the Big Nurse institution, it is never the same again. He meets Chief Bromden who is mentally impaired by long indulgence in alcoholism; Billy Bibbit who is paranoid of his childhood after having had a reprimanding mother; Dale Harding quite rational and sane but not able to recover from adultery and betrayal of his beloved wife; Charlie Cheswick who lacks self-confidence; Martini who has immature personality; and sadist Taber who is fond of making trouble (One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest). Analyzing the reason why McMurphy was brought to the institution is quite ironical because the re-evaluation could be done in a day by a panel of psychiatrists but he is brought in the mental institution with common psychiatric patients his sanity notwithstanding. Dr. Spivey has to assess McMurphy after libels have been cited against his behavior. According to the behavior depicted by McMurphy in the film, it is doubtless gauging from how he talks and behaves that he is sane. However, he has chosen to rebel against an oppressive bureaucratic system and illogical leaders of such institutions who cannot bear him thus he is sent in mental institution faking his insanity. Murphy says “Well, as near as I can figure out it’s ‘cause I uh, fight and f--k too much,”. This creates the conflict in the

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