Comparing the Two Pictures of London, Illustrated by Wordsworth and Blake in Their Two Poems

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Comparing the Two Pictures of London, Illustrated by Wordsworth and Blake in Their Two Poems

The two poems depicting London by Wordsworth and Blake are in some ways similar and yet have many differences. Both observations of London are depicted through the poets' personal perspectives of London using individual experiences. We can tell that both poems are from the person's interpretations and experiences as they are said in the first person: 'Ne'er saw I…' in Wordswoths' poem and:

'I wonder through each chartered street…' in Blakes'.

Both poems are well structured and use emphatic language. 'Upon Westminster Bridge' is a Petrachran sonnet which expresses strong emotion. It depicts his joy
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A charter is a legal document that is binding and it is almost as if Blake is saying that the underclass are bound by legality, like a document that forces them into stealing and prostitution which makes the rest of society look badly upon them. They aren't free and are highly restricted.

'London' is set at night which signifies darkness, death and horror, perhaps demonstrating the fact that things will get worse unless society changes and accepts everyone whereas 'Upon Westminster bridge' is set at dawn which is light and signifies birth and happiness and joy. Both poems are of the same city but the perceptions are completely different and this comes across in the poets' writing.

Both poems are set in the heart of the Industrial Revolution where factories were in constant use and living conditions were bad. '…smokeless air' is said in Wordsworths' poem but we know that isn't normality as this poem was written from a moment. In a way the poems demonstrate the difference in people's views also because some people at the time of the industrial revolution were so happy with the changes and were optimistic with what could be achieved, whereas some saw it as a horrible time that would ruin

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