Essay about Breast Cancer: The Risk Factors, Staging and Treatment.

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The dictionary defines breast cancer as being a serious disease caused by the growth of abnormal cells, but to a woman, this definition includes a very personal and real fight for their life. According to the Susan G. Komen foundation, one out of every three women is diagnosed with breast cancer each year, and one out of every 13 women diagnosed will die from the disease. As the second leading cause of death among women, this particular form of cancer However, there are currently over 2 million breast cancer survivors that overcame the odds, and these courageous women are evidence of a continual effort to understand the risk factors involved, different types of staging, and treatment options for those affected. While Breast Cancer is …show more content…
Family members share common genetic material, and oftentimes can inherit damaging gene mutations passed on through generations. This is why having a previous family history of breast cancer can increase the risk factor for women, and is an essential indicator for those women to become increasingly aware of potential warning signs.
While age, gender, and personal family history are uncontrollable factors, there are lifestyles and environment factors that women can control that inadvertently affect her chances of breast cancer. Such factors include consuming alcohol, obesity and overall leading a relatively inactive life. While women of sound health can still be at risk, staying healthy and fit can be a vital method of preventing not only breast cancer, but numerous illnesses as well. (Susan G. Komen Org)
While risk factors can help determine if certain women are at a greater risk, it doesn’t necessarily conclude that she eventually will, as many as 60% of women diagnosed had no previous exposure to potential risks. (National Breast Cancer Org) However, women who unfortunately do develop breast cancer must undergo various tests and exams to identify the stage of cancer she currently

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