Essay on American Romanticism

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American Romanticism

When many hear “Romanticism” they think of love, but Romanticism isn’t mainly about love. Yes, it may have some love, but it’s also about reasoning, nature, imaginations, and individualism. Like American Romanticism, that occurred from 1830 – 1865. It was actually caused by Washington Irving and James Fenimore Cooper. For Americans, “it was a time of excitement over human possibilities, and of individual ego. American writers didn’t know what “America” could possibly mean in terms of literature, which was American and not British. It questioned their identity and place in society, creatively” (Woodlief). It was characterized by an interest in nature, and the significance of the individual’s expression on emotion
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The Romantic Era spoke to many more people than of those literatures previously. It was a new genre in literature that showed characters who actually had emotions and sensitivity, and of those who made their own choices in life. American Romanticism was interested in medieval past, the mystical and the supernatural. They were attracted to rebellion and revolution. They mainly cared about the individualism and imagination. Some of the characteristics of American Romanticism are characters and setting set apart from society, characters that were not of our own conscious kind, formal language, supernatural foreshadowing, universe in mysterious, and gaps in causality. In addition, some of the themes American Romanticism produce are: emotional intensity, common man as hero, equality, individualism, Manifest Destiny, the nature of good or evil, abolition, and many other more. One of the author who himself or his work may sound familiar is Nathanial Hawthorne, who wrote The Scarlet Letter. Nathaniel Hawthorne was born on July 4, 1804, in Salem, Massachusetts to a family with a long New England history. He was a descendent of the Puritan ancestors in the Salem witch trials. His last name was actually “Hathorne”, but he later added in the “w”. His father died when he was four due to a yellow fever. His uncle helped financed his college education at Bowdoin College. He stated, “I do not want to be a doctor and live by

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