A Comparison of Sympathy by P.L. Dunbar and an Article on RSPCS Web Page

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A Comparison of Sympathy by P.L. Dunbar and an Article on RSPCS Web Page

The purpose of this is to analyze the methods used by the writers of both texts, in order to compare one from the other.

To begin, I want to name the different types of texts that I am comparing.

‘’Sympathy’’ P.L. Dunbar is a poetic text while the article of the RSPCA web page is simply just an informative article.

Although both texts have similar ideas about their content, ‘’Cruelty to animals”, their purpose and audience aim differ from one to the other.

Whilst ‘’Sympathy’’ is aimed at people who enjoy reading poetry, it also uses some language that its not commonly used now days such as “alas,” which only
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Both texts talk about birds, but their themes are different.

‘’Sympathy’s’’ theme expresses that a bird is meant to be out, free in their natural habitat, not enclosed in a cage. In the other hand, the web page’s article gives their audience information about birds (hens) that are not treated well and are kept in very small battery cages with no space to move.

In my opinion that is exaggerating, they are hens for god sake!

Why don’t they worry for the hundreds and thousands of injustice acts that are committed against humans all around the world? Like children labor, prisoner abuse, slavery, or here in the UAE, labor camp abuse. Anyway.

“Sympathy’’ sounds in a way Romantic, celebrating nature, that is the idea of the poem’s tone. It could be talking about slavery, as its hidden meaning.

The article, since is more informative and they want the audience support them, has a more persuasive tone, as well as in a way factual but critical about countries or companies which mistreat hens ‘’The UK government should demonstrate that it is committed to improving hen welfare by banning all cages’’. We could also say that we get the idea of an expository tone.

Moving on to the structures of the text, it is not hard to analyze how the two texts are written, first we moist take into account that one is a poem and the other an

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