Year Of Losses And One Win Essay

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Years of Losses and One Win
The time had come! I was 15 years old, it was the day we were playing for the girls championship. We played at Raimondi soccer field and I was really nervous that day. I still couldn’t believe we made it to the championship game, and I was shocked. I remember when we got to the soccer field one hour and half before the game started because we needed to warm up and talk. It was really sunny that day and at the same time it was windy. Unity girls soccer team were there, our coach, the other team we faced name Arise high school and their coach. When the game was getting close to start more people were coming to cheer for us and the the other team. At first I was not confident, and I thought we were going to loose to be honest. I was nervous, that I kept biting my nails and I couldn’t concentrate when we were warming up.
The game started and the other team was trying more to score on us, but we worked as a team to come back and win. I was really not focused in the game the first couple minutes because the fans from the rival team were cheering for them and it was getting me nervous, and I thought they were going to score. The rival team ran as fast as a tiger I don’t know if it was just me or if it was true. One of their good players stared at me with a mugging expression, that it had me thinking she was going to go the hardest she could. My heart was beating as fast…

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