Wuthering Heights By Emily Bronte Essay

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In the book Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, all of the characters affect the outcome of the entirety of the novel. If one character was to be removed from any book, major changes would occur in the events of said book. In this essay, the one character removed from Wuthering Heights is Hareton Earnshaw. The son of Catherine and Edgar Earnshaw, this character is revealed as the silver lining of hope to the never ending tragedies. By eliminating Hareton, Wuthering Heights as a whole will darken and fall into an endless cycle of despair. Hareton plays a minimal role in Heathcliff’s revenge and is rather used as a pawn the entire time, however, his existence is crucial to how events played out. One of the reasons why Wuthering Heights is dark and depressing is due to Heathcliff’s journey for revenge. This revenge rooted from the treatment of his brother, Hindley. When Heathcliff is introduced into the family as a young child, Hindley took an instant disliking to his new brother. While growing up, Hindley expressed his hatred for Heathcliff and spent his childhood tormenting his new brother. Due to Heathcliff’s nature and cruel treatment of his older brother, Heathcliff matures into spending his entire life seeking revenge against those who has wronged him. How this relates to Hareton is due to the fact Hindley is his biological father. Before Hareton’s birth, Hindley’s treatment toward Heathcliff was mild. When Hareton is born, Hindley’s wife, Frances, died due to the toll…

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