World War II : An Event That Changed The World Essay examples

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World War II is an event that greatly impacted the world and aided in the push for change on the global level. Millions of soldiers were killed during this terrible time, but it is the countless millions that were imprisoned and murdered that serve as the most severe reminder of these dark days. “Flyboys” by James Bradley follows the progression of WWII, and how the lives of eight young men were cut short as a result of the war. Each of the eight men were taken as prisoners of war, and it is the fate of each of these captured flyboys that depicts an atrocious reality (Bradley, 2003). Their deaths were the result of the breaking of laws that should’ve protected them in their capture. These wartime laws were in place to promote the safety of soldiers during war, and to ensure that anyone captured would be cared for until the end of the war. During WWII though, it was common for these laws known as the Geneva Conventions to be broken by various countries involved in the war. Japan, Germany, and the Soviet Union were all violators of the Geneva Conventions during WWII, and their acts will forever be remembered for the millions that lost their lives due to their acts of violence and hatred. The Geneva Conventions at the time consisted of two conventions, the first one specifically protecting wounded soldiers, infirm soldiers, and medical personnel against attack. Attack referring to execution without judgment, torture, and assaults upon personal dignity. The first…

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