Women 's Sexual Treatment Of Women Essay

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According to Barbara Bush’s The 'Invisible ' Black Woman in Caribbean History “The female slave labored as hard and as long, and was subjected to the same harsh punishments as male slaves...she was forced to resist the system in order to preserve her integrity as a women and protect her family and friends.” 1 No matter if she was on the harsh vogue across the Atlantic, living in Rio de Janeiro or the United States all slave women had one thing in common, and that is that their masters often saw them as obedient and trustworthy and this was not always a good thing. In this essay, I will look into two key areas involving women in slavery. First the treatment of slave women’s sexuality by their owners. Second motherhood for slave women, to start let us look at the sexual treatment of women by their masters.
Slave women and sexuality
There is a general notion, that women who are slaves are treated better or with more respect than their male counterparts are. While this may be true to the extent of the physical labor they had to endure this is not true to the amount of psychological labor and sexual abuse that slave women faced. From, the earliest voyages across the Atlantic male slaveholders have been exposing female slaves. One example, of sexual exposer is seen in the story of Sarah, a young female slave who captured everyone’s attention aboard the Liverpool slave ship Hudibras. The sailors described her movements as “ever lively! Ever gay!”2 however, the sailors not only…

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