Essay about Women 's Religious And Social Roles

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People may have criticized Elizabeth’s political position because of women’s religious and social roles; however, it did not affect her due to her having total control over them. In a religious context, women were inferior to men in many ways. During Elizabeth’s reign, a large religious movement called the Protestant Reformation was sweeping Europe. To most Europeans, religion was a very important aspect of their life and many were very religious. According to John Knox, the Holy Ghost says that women should never have authority over a man and women having superiority is “against all nature” (Doc 1) Knox is attempting to justify his sexism with religious reasons because he knows that religion is very important to most people. Also, Knox published this work in 1558, the same year Elizabeth 1 became the Queen of England. It’s clear that he was attempting to rally support against her having power over men because of her sex. Another man, Nicholas Heath, tried to justify his disliking of Elizabeth as England’s monarch with religious reasons (Doc 2) He stated in a speech to the House of Lords in 1558 that women can’t be preachers, shepherds, doctors, or even an apostle. Heath claims that Elizabeth can’t be the head of a religious country when they don’t allow women to have any other jobs. This religious proved to be ineffective to her political power because even though this speech was given to Parliament, they did not have any power over the monarch due to England’s…

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