Women 's Equal Rights By Donald Hall Essay

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Women’s Equal Rights
For centuries feminists have been fighting for the rights of women, enduring the judgment for speaking out against their roles in society. Feminism is not the idea of one gender having more power than the other. It is the idea that both genders be treated equally by society, whether it is economically, socially, or politically. Feminist analysis has evolved over the years examining woman’s social roles and experiences, trying to understand the inequality between the genders. It may be viewed from various perspectives. For example, in Donald Hall’s “Feminist Analysis” from Literary and Culture Theory, he states, “Key to all feminist analysis is a recognition of the different degrees of social power that are granted to and exercised by men and women.” He believes that women are not able to be themselves or express themselves due to the oppression posed by the patriarchal society, a society where men are in charge and women have absolutely no say in anything and if they do say anything they are automatically judged. Men are given all the power and women are left with nothing. Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper”, Kate Chopin’s “The Story of an Hour” and The Awakening and Elizabeth Stuart Phelps’ The Story of Avis all illustrate the consequences due to the limitations that are put on women because of the expectations of society. They reflect cultural feminism, which focuses on the roles in society woman have and their stereotypical…

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