Women Of Upper And Upper Class Women Essay

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Luisa Capetillo wrote of women, through her opinion of how to aid lower class women with the help of upper class women. Through aiding lower-class women, upper class women form a mutually beneficial relationship allowing for female liberation. Capetillo essay is about how to change the place of upper and lower class women. To enact change, the process must start from the top down- upper to lower class women. Capetillo made her argument through entering the conversation around a women’s place, then moving into how religion, privilege and brotherhood effect society. Each of these themes connect for Capetillo for her to understand how to help to create change for all class of women in Puerto Rican society. Capetillo entered a conversation around a women’s place in society. At the time of writing her article the prevailing thought of a women’s place was “that women in the public sphere and the workplace would lose ground, jeopardizing their home, their family and their children” (Capetillo, 187). The idea of women jeopardizing home life and children, by leaving the home and working in the public sphere formed the leading thought and fear of women working. However, Capetillo argued, those “who think in this way forget that the lady of high and well-off position goes to the stores, visits friends…and home is left alone” (Capetillo, 187). Capetillo divulged to men, by implying a fear of women in the public sphere was irrational. The belief of the home being the sole place for…

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