Essay on Women And Gender Inequality Between Female And Female

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From ancient to modern time, men and women were situated in different positions and were viewed as having unequal capabilities and values. The modern Chinese literature works may serve as a great source to understand the prevalent thoughts and values about women since they reveal the social construct and prevailing ideas about women during that time period. Texts such as “A Posthumous Son” and “When I Was in Xia Village” both depict how women are valued and the social norms regarding women. The examination of these texts, along with the historical backgrounds of society, suggests that the role and status of women are established through the construction of political ideologies, in that woman from childhood to mature lives were assigned with inferior status as they have no rights of succession, their value limited within family and the oppressed social norms burdened on them. And women were viewed as inferior to men to serve the interest of the authority for political needs from the past to modern days. The secondary status of women and the gender inequality between male and female is developed through the operation of patriarchy and is used and deepened by the governing party as the fundamental political means of governance from a traditional society to modern one. The lower and less essential status of women than men is exhibited from the dissimilar value of female child to that of a male child in society. In the eye of parents, male babies are valued more than…

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