Essay about Wireless Networking : A New Framework

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Wireless networking has many advantages, whereas it is also a mixture of new security threats and modifies the organization’s overall information security risk profile. Though the implementation of technological solutions is the common replies to wireless security threats and vulnerabilities, wireless security in the first place is a management issue. Management of threats consorted with wireless networking needs in-depth classification of risk in the given environment and formulation of a plan to learn identified threats. We build a new framework to assist the managers in understanding and evaluate the various threats linked up with the use of wireless technology. We now discuss a many available solutions for foreseeing those threats.

1. Introduction
Use of wireless network has tremendously increased and deployed both in the public environments and office, besides the Internet users at home. Apart from this wireless networking medium comes up with many advantages like productivity enhances because of the increased availability to resources. Configuring and reconfiguring of the network has become very easy. The users want this communication medium to be secure and free from attackers. Despite wireless networking comes up with many countermeasures against attacks, besides this it also has also new threats and modifies the authorized information security risk profile. For example, lets us consider a scenario where message or data is been transmitted between two parties…

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