William Wordsworth 's View Of Nature Essay

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The poem is based on a real experience of William Wordsworth’s that reminisced with him for the rest of his life. Whilst on a walk to a lake, Wordsworth discovers a field of daffodils, causing him to make a revelation about the sublime in nature. The majority of the poem is centred around the daffodils. The conclusion of the poem then depicts Wordsworth sitting at home on his couch, reflecting back on the daffodils and the emotions they provoked from him.

Through this poem William Wordsworth is expressing both the beauty and importance of nature. Throughout his life he was heavily influenced by his surroundings, and this is evident through the themes of nature and it’s awe “quote”.
William Wordsworth believed that nature acted as a teacher, guiding humanity. In this poem, Wordsworth talks of how he ‘wandered lonely as a cloud’, until he came across these daffodils, instantly lifting his spirits. Wordsworth learned that nature possesses the ability to uplift, and this is essentially the subject matter of the poem. Wordsworth aimed to communicate this to readers so that they too could be enlightened by the sublime immensity of nature.
Through the poem William Wordsworth is also referring to the way nature is connected with the supernatural. This is another core belief of the romantics.
“A host, of golden daffodils”, A host is another term for a collective of angels, hinting at supernatural themes. Using the term ‘Golden’ is also associated with supernatural…

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