William Wordsworth 's ' The World Is Too Much With Us `` And `` Composed Upon Westminster Bridge ``

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Beauty in the World William Wordsworth was an amazing poet during the end of the 18th century and he was one of the poets that helped found the Romantic Movement in English literature. His poetry was seeking a way to unite tranquility of nature with the inner emotional world of man. In his poems, “The World is too much with us” and “Composed upon Westminster Bridge”, William Wordsworth expresses his taste with humanity plus the lack of appreciation of nature and wonders of the world, with the use of symbols, imagery, metaphors, and Rhyme.
Symbols are important roles that take place in both of Wordsworth poems. Wordsworth talks about Beauty in both his poems to show us how it is with us everywhere, in nature and in the city. In his poem; “The world is too much with us”, he talks about the beauty and how humanity does not appreciate it anymore because we are so immersed in consumerism we no longer can appreciate the natural world or its beauty, as Wordsworth mentions in his poem, “Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers:/ Little we see in Nature that’s is ours” (2-3). Here he states how we don’t see nature in its beauty. He explains to us how we don’t take enough of our time to truly see the beauty of nature but that we ignore this for consumerism instead. In his Poem “Composed upon Westminster Bridge” he shows us how he feels about the morning light of London and the beauty it creates of him. Here Wordsworth talks about his view on the sun and how in his viewpoint it…

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