Essay on William Steinbeck 's ' Of Mice And Men '

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Kings Queens Men
In Steinbeck’s writing women are diminished, shunned, ignored and made to be less important than men. In the two novelas the women were always beneath the men; Juana had to listen and follow Kino even if she thought differently, and Curley’s wife was always thought to be trouble even though she never actually did anything wrong. In Of Mice and Men the women are portrayed as not important--they aren’t given a name--and in The Pearl the women are to listen and follow the men. Today women have more rights and aren’t always put below men.
Steinbeck isn’t just one thing; he is neither just a misogynist or just a feminist. He writes with the tone of both, mostly with the tone of a misogynist, but adds subtle strengths to the women in his novels. He may diminish the women and make them less important than the men, but he doesn’t make them completely submissive to the men. In both of the novels he portrays the women as people who have their own kind of mindset. In The Pearl, even though Juana is to follow Kino, Steinbeck gives her determination, strength, and the ability to think for herself. One could say that Steinbeck is a feminist because he shows in his writings that women are ignored and have prejudiced views against them.
In Of Mice and Men it is a little different; you have to analyze the wife to find any good things he writes about her. He writes her as a stubborn person, who just wants some company. He also portrays her as someone who is…

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