Essay on William Stafford And Do Not Go Gentle By Dylan Thomas

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Poetry is an integral facet of literature that encapsulates the writer’s thinking into a fine design of words that aims at capturing the reader’s attention. Poets are known to choose their words very carefully and the reader must venture into the writer’s world that involves visual images, figures of speech, symbolism and themes in order to get a glimpse of the message. This study will primarily attest to this fact by carrying out an explicit analysis on two famous poems; ‘Travelling through the dark’ by William Stafford and ‘Do not go gentle’ by Dylan Thomas, with the aim of unearthing some of the speech components that have been used in both poems.
The visual images identified in both poems and the senses that have been stimulated by the poet’s description One of the visual images that have been used in the first poem “Travelling through the dark” is the tail-light that is used to describe the tail at the back of the car. Touch is also another type of imagery that is used in the poem through the phrase “My fingers touching her side brought me the reason her side was warm” Seeing is the other type of imagery that has been used in this poem when the writer glares at the warm exhaust turning into red (Anderson, 2008). Hearing is also another sense that is stimulated by the poet when he asserts that he could hear the wilderness listen. In the second poem “Do not go gentle”, the sense of seeing is stimulated in the phrase “Grave men, near death, who see with blinding…

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