Essay about William Shakespeare 's The Play Of Pain, Loss, And Regret

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King Lear is a play of Pain, Loss, and Regret. These themes are easily noticeable by simply reading the play. However, these are not the only themes. King Lear is also a play of identity through Appearance and Reality. The Appearance can be identified through word choice, tone, and imagery. The Reality, however, must be seen through analysis of the text. Identity, in the play, is portrayed in different ways: through family roles, and through the character 's motives. Per CrossRef-it, “At the start of King Lear, identity is established by family and social relationships.” Throughout the play, the roles between the character’s change and we finally see their true relationship at the end. Take for example, King Lear’s daughters. Lear believed that Cordelia had no love for him, leaving him with only his two daughters, Goneril and Regan. When asked to describe their love for their father, Goneril and Regan had a lot to say. Goneril stated, “As much as child e’er loved, or father found; love that makes breath poor, and speech unable” (Act 1.1.65-66). Her word choice is important, because Shakespeare wants us to fall for the trick. Looking at that one statement alone, a reader would believe that Goneril had a deep love for her father. However, any love that made “breath poor, and speech unable” would not be viewed as a good type of love. Shakespeare used word choice to show us the true identity of our characters without stating it. Regan’s word choice also showed her true nature…

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