William Shakespeare 's The Merchant Of Venice Essay

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In The Merchant of Venice written by William Shakespeare, there is a Jewish character who is illustrated as a moneylender in Venice, named Shylock. The character is seen as the antagonist of the play. Shylock is portrayed as a greedy and heartless Jew. Also, due to the fact that the play is in Venice and it was an anti-Semitic city, many of the characters treat Shylock disrespectfully and do not call Shylock by his actual name. The characters call him, “old carrion” and “faithless Jew” several times in the play along with other offensive names. It is questioned if Shylock was actually a victim or a villain in The Merchant of Venice. The character committed many actions towards people in the play that made him look like the villain. Shylock indeed was the villain in the play. Shylock treated many people disrespectfully saying that his religion was correct when people have the freedom to believe or say whatever they want. The characters that he mostly mistreated in the play were Antonio the Christian, Lancelet, and his own daughter Jessica.
Many events took place in the play showing the cruelty of Shylock. Such as, when the character Bassanio kindly offers Shylock to dine with him, but Shylock responds in a disrespectful way. Shylock said that he would not smell pork and offended Bassanio’s religion. This is very disrespectful of Shylock to do when has kindly been invited to dinner. Also, when the character Bassanio introduces Antonio to Shylock when asking for a loan of three…

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