William Shakespeare 's ' Hamlet ' Essay example

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Ever watched a movie or a television show and wonder why a character is there? The character at a glance seems irrelevant and useless. In William Shakespeare’s, Hamlet, a well-known play about a son’s quest for revenge for his father’s murder, the very same thing occurs. Horatio, Prince Hamlet’s best friend, at first glance seems like a very unimportant character. Some people argue that Horatio is an insignificant character and say that his actions have no impact on advancement of plot. However, through his role in advancement of plot, character revelation, and reinforcement of theme Horatio proves himself to be an important character in Hamlet. Some may argue, that Horatio is unimportant because he does not advance the plot of the play. Before the fencing duel between Hamlet and Laertes, Horatio and Hamlet are discussing that something does not seem right about upcoming fight. Horatio pleads with Hamlet, saying, “If your mind dislike anything, obey it. I will forestall/ their repair hither and say you are not fit” (Hamlet 5.2.208-209). In this cry, Horatio tells Hamlet that if he does not feel right about the duel, then he should not fight. Horatio being Hamlet’s good friend even offers to stall for Hamlet by telling the king and queen that he is sick. Horatio’s solid advice would have had an important influence on the overall plot of the play. Had Hamlet listened to Horatio it would have resulted in multiple deaths being prevented, including Hamlet’s. But this did not…

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