Essay on William Shakespeare 's Hamlet - The King Of Norway

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Before Hamlet, there was the Great King Hamlet, and there was the King of Norway. One day, they decided to make a little wager, betting on who could kill the other in combat. The winner of this wager would receive some unclaimed land. In the end, King Hamlet won and now the King of Norway was dead. However, King Hamlet soon had died, thus leading into the events of Hamlet.
In the opening of Scene I, you start off at the location of Elsinore, at a platform before the castle. At the castle, a soldier named Francisco was at his post during one cold Christmas Eve night, as well as fellow officers named Bernardo, who was going to take Francisco’s place and take watch. That is until a man named Marcellus came by, along with the beloved Horatio. Once all the players are in place, that’s when Marcellus breaks the ice and asks if they have seen ‘it’. Playing around, Horatio decides to join in and ask about this ‘thing’. Just when Bernardo was about to explain what he saw, the ghost shows up. However, what’s strange about this ghost is that it appears to be the deceased King Hamlet. Startled about seeing the ghost, they began to ask Horatio to talk to the ghost. However, as he began to ask the ghost a few questions, a cock began to crow, causing the ghost to walk away without answering. And yet, not everything was a complete lost, as Bernardo was able to confirm that the ghost is the image of the dead king, as he was wearing the same armor the king had worn in the past. However, they…

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