William Shakespeare 's Hamlet Essays : Relatives Or Rivals?

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Relatives or Rivals? Throughout all forms of literature, the ways in which characters communicate are used to give the readers insight into their relationships. Some keys used to determine the relationship between two characters are diction, the frequency of communication, and the tone or punctuation. These features are observed to not only show how the character interacts, but to display the feelings of the character during interaction and the amount of times these characters interact. In Hamlet, Shakespeare uses diction, juxtaposition, and myriad puns to display how the language used by Hamlet and King Claudius affects their relationship. The language exchanged between Hamlet and Claudius accurately describes their relationship to the reader and other characters in the play. It is the vocabulary and punctuation displayed in these conversations between the two, which give life to the work and definition to their relationship. In order to demonstrate this, Shakespeare carefully decides his choice of words, such as when Hamlet refers to Claudius in his soliloquy. Hamlet states, “My father’s brother, but no more like my father Than I to Hercules.” Shakespeare intentionally juxtaposes Hamlet and Hercules to illustrate how Hamlet believes that Claudius is unfit to be a king. Even though Hamlet makes this statement while isolated from the other characters, Claudius shows signs of conflict between Hamlet and himself. When Claudius states,…

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