Essay about William Shakespeare 's A Midsummer Night 's Dream

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In William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, we look into the lives of many different characters, several of which have profounding roles throughout the play. At the beginning of the play we meet an Athenian man named Egeus; the father of Hermia. Hermia is in love with Lysander, but her father has ordered her to marry Demetrius. Demetrius is in love with Hermia as well but with the help from a magical fairy falls in love with Helena,much to her liking because she is in love with him, by the end of the play. The most prominent role in the play is a fairy named Puck; Jester to Oberon the fairy king. Puck is a mischievous, comical elf-like character that is sent out throughout the play by King Oberon to tie up loose ends with the young Athenian lovers. Puck uses his magical powers with a flower love potion to inject conflict amongst many of these main characters. The use of magic is apparent through much of the play. Puck also creates balance by ensuring all the character’s issues have been resolved while adding humor along the way. A Midsummer Night 's Dream captivates the use of magic through hardships, heartbreaks, and humor to compare its resemblance to real world situations. The conflict in A Midsummer Night 's Dream starts with Hermia being faced with a difficult decision that paves the plot for the play. Egeus has demanded Hermia to marry Demetrius, a young Athenian man, but Hermia is in love with Lysander. Egeus demands the marriage and if his requests are not…

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