Willa Cather 's The Yellow Wallpaper

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Willa Cather 's compelling literary work, "Paul 's Case: A Study in Temperament", presents a troubled soul, Paul, who suffers from a decline in the nurture of his environment. Paul 's determination presents itself in a standoffish, rebellious manner as he goes against the conformity of life in the humdrum neighborhood of Pittsburgh, where he resides. The study of Paul 's temperament digs deep into the psyche and depicts how an inimical social atmosphere can deteriorate the human mind. Charlotte Perkins Gilman 's, "The Yellow Wallpaper", is a cynical tale compiled from a collection of journal entries in which, a woman suffering from manic depression catalogs her descent into madness, and probable suicide. The woman presents herself as a naive product of her husband 's demanding "rest cure", but her determination eventually sets her free. Both authors focus primarily on the concept of the mental health of their characters, and how the actions of others contribute to their illnesses in a negative way. Paul and the unnamed woman are equally far from ordinary. Trapped by their environments, Paul and the woman become obsessive in the pursuit of freedom. Paul 's environment allows him the opportunity to escape, whereas the woman is bound and tied to the confinements of the four walls that surround her. The extraordinary aspects of their being are left to the reader to figure out through contextual details. Gilman explains the reasoning behind her work in the October 1913 issue of…

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