Wilfred Owen Techniques Essay

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Wilfred Owens war poetry

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Wilfred Owen was born in 1893 in Oswestry (United Kingdom). He wanted to be a poet from the age of nineteen although most of his famous work is that which he wrote in his years spent in the war where he died in 1918.
The preface to Owens poetry read:
“This book is not about heroes. English poetry is not yet fit to speak of them.
Nor is it about deeds, or lands, nor anything about glory, honour, might, majesty, dominion, or power, except war.
Above all I am not concerned with Poetry.
My subject is war, and the pity of war.
The poetry is in the pity.

To help tell you how Owen uses poetic techniques to achieve the objective stated above i will provide an
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The sentence structure varies in that sometimes it can be long and descriptive and other times it is short and emphatic.
The sounds of this poetry could be described as dull and heavy, and it often communicates strong moods and feelings by his use of language and writing technique.
Rhyme is often used by Owen as it helps create a flow when the poem is being read, often Owen would structure his stanzas so that the end of every second line rhymes like in disabled, there was an artist silly for his face, for it was younger than his youth last year. Now, he is old; his back will never brace; He’s lost his colour very far from here.
Alliteration, treading blood from lungs that had loved laughter and back into their brains, because of their sense.
And assonance, always they must see these things and hear them, multitudinous murders they once witnessed. As well as Onomatopoeia, batter of guns and shatter of flying muscles are examples of effective sound qualities used by Owen to engage the reader.
In all of his poetry Wilfred Owen engages to the readers through visual imagery, baring teeth that leer like skulls teeth wicked? And stark sensory imagery, wading sloughs of flesh these helpless wonder. In disabled it refers to the sense of touch when he writes that all of them touch him like some queer disease as well as

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