Why You Should Avoid Taking Vaccination Essays

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Our country has been part of a national debate regarding vaccines for hundreds of years, with some more afraid of the reactions from the vaccinations than the illnesses they control, and others pushing for mandatory immunizations. The controversy of this debate is due to the fact that vaccinations have a long and convoluted past of both sparing our lives and harming us. Parents only want to do what is best for their children, but what exactly is that? Dr. James Howenstine discusses the reasons he feels parents should not vaccinate their children in his article, “Why You Should Avoid Taking Vaccines”. While Matthew F. Daley and Jason M. Glanz explain why parents need to be fully informed on the reasons you should vaccinate a child in their article, “Straight Talk about Vaccination”. This article written by Daley and Glanz is a more substantiated argument than that of Dr. Howenstine’s because this article is backed by research, evidence, testimony, statistics and academic reasoning.

Howenstine believes parents should not vaccinate because of the possible harmful effects of the vaccinations due to the chemical composition found in some of these vaccines. He is also reluctant to believe in their effectiveness stating that vaccinated individuals may still acquire the disease for which they were vaccinated. Some illnesses don’t require a vaccine because the disease is not serious enough, such as influenza or chicken pox. He even claims that the government is only administering…

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