Essay about Why Madison Is A Successful Businesswoman

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Madison is a successful businesswoman who has become convinced that she ought to give a substantial amount of her earnings to help those in extreme poverty in the developing world. Her brother, Thomas, a local college student, is not persuaded that such donations are a good idea. “It just makes people ask for more handouts later,” he says. “And besides,” he adds, “there are a lot of poor people here in our city: homeless people living on the streets. And I’m not doing too well myself. You ought to give me some of your charity so I can pay for college. I’m going to be swamped with student loan debt.” (MacKinnon & Fiala, 2015). When comparing my ideas of what Madison should do with her extra earnings I find that my ideas are not that dissimilar then those of Peter Singer’s, however there are some minor differences. I believe that while helping those in poverty in developing countries is important I believe that helping those in our own family and our own community is equally as important. Peter Singer develops the following argument analogy for assisting poverty stricken countries in his work “The Singer Solution to World Poverty”. Bob has invested heavily in a very valuable vintage car for which he is unable to insure, a Bugatti. One day he parks alongside a set of railroad tracks and goes on a walk up the tracks. While on his walk Bob notices that a child is playing on the railroad tracks in the path of an unmanned runaway train, the child will likely be killed unless Bob…

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