Which Is More Effective, Treatment or Punishment? Essay

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Treatment and Punishment of Crime

Angle of attack= which is more effective, treatment or punishment?

A significant question that is asked about offenders is how can they be prevented from re-offending? There have been a number of therapies and treatments developed by psychologists in order to change offending behaviour. Three main ones are; behaviour modification (token economies), anger management and social skills training (SST). The government have also added measurements such as ‘zero tolerance’ and imprisonment is put in place in order to stop reoffenders. I feel punishment and treatment are only more effective than the other when used for different types of crimes and on different types of people. In this essay I am going to
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However it has been proved that offenders who have been on this programme have took longer to reoffend than others that haven’t. This form of treatment is only effective in institutions therefore is not as effective as being punished in the outside world.

Anger management refers to a cognitive behavioural technique which aims to help offenders deal effectively with their feelings of anger. The technique is based mainly on the work of Nocavo who suggested that violent offenders become aggressive because they do not know how to control their anger which they displace on to inappropriate targets. The aim of anger management is not to stop the person experiencing anger but rather to enable them to deal with their angry reactions more effectively. This involves imparting skills concerning self-monitoring, self-control and conflict resolution. A number of studies have shown that anger management has been effective in numerous situations although very little studies have been conducted with offenders. Feindler et al. (1984) found that anger management in a group of young offenders produced improvements in problem solving and self-control and a reduction in aggressive behaviour. I feel that anger management will only be effective and

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