Argumentative Essay: Where To Go To College

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For roughly two out of three students in America senior year of high school tasks them with one of the most important, if not the most important, decision of their young lives: where to go to college. In a world where a college degree is becoming more of a necessity than a résumé builder, the decision of where to go to college is becoming increasingly more important to America’s youth. Additionally, with the high price of college and the shrinking job market making the right decision is more vital than ever before. One of the first questions that any prospective college student has to answer is what size school they want to go to. Although there are a variety of college choices most are broken down into small and large schools. However, based on academic attention, extra-curricular involvement and overall atmosphere amongst peers, small schools stand alone as the right choice when choosing the right school to attend. Smaller colleges and …show more content…
With class enrollments sometimes in the hundreds teachers simply cannot get to know students on an individual level. Additionally, class participation is limited and can easily be avoided by students. Class participation and the ability to ask questions and work through problems is a huge benefit for students. However, at a larger school students are simply not afforded these opportunities and thus they’re learning experience suffers. As Mudore states in her 2000 article “Big School vs. Small School,” “There may be little opportunity to interact with professors--bad news, especially if you 're struggling academically.” Teachers can go long periods of times without noticing student’s struggles and at that point the damage may be irreversible. The lack of specific attention from professors at a larger institution, although enjoyable for those disinterested in class, does not lend itself to enhancing one’s academic

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