Essay on When I Was A Lecturer

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When I was a lecturer in Further Education I was always rather surprised as to how little knowledge and guidance was given to students re their choice of course and possible future career. Many young people do not really know in which direction they want to travel career wise and require the guidance of sensible people who have some knowledge of how they learn and what their strengths and weaknesses are. I saw students with poor co ordination and fine motor skills accepted onto courses such as hairdressing for example, where they were likely to fail. According to Felder and Silverman (1988):
‘Students learn in many ways— by seeing and hearing: reflecting and acting: reasoning logically and intuitively; memorising and visualising and drawing analogies and building mathematical models’.
Teaching styles also vary, some teachers lecture, some demonstrate and some involve students. Felder and Silverman go on to say:
‘How much a given student learns in a class is governed in part by that student’s native ability and prior preparation but also by the compatibility of his or her learning style and the instructors teaching style’.
Of course the way in which we learn at any particular time is governed by many things, our age gender, state of mind, whether we are tired or alert, have eaten or are hungry etc but it would then be fair to suggest that learning styles are important and I believe that more thought should be given to the way in which and individual learns because by having…

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