When I Visited New York Last Summer Essay

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When I visited New York last summer. We stayed in my friend’s apartment. The apartment was in the Orthodox Jewish area. Every time when I went to Subway, I saw very strange people. The men were wearing long black garb, black hats and long beards. Women were wearing wigs and long skirts or dresses. I thought, why those people look so unusual? I asked my friend, who are those people? Why do men wear black hats? Why women wear wigs? She explained, our apartment locate in the Orthodox Jewish area. Religion Jewish people should live in walking area from a synagogue. I asked, what is synagogue? Why they have to live near to synagogue? Next day I went to the supermarket. Signs were everywhere “Kosher Food” in the store. Braided bread was sold in the bread department. Braided bread called challah. I just have a question what is kosher food? I bought a challah. There were a lot of Jewish women with children. They look all messy. I quickly left the store with a very unpleasant sensation. I did not like those people. They were weird. I went back into the apartment and said that I do not like Jews. When we ate a dinner, I put the challah on the table. It was very tasty. My friend said she loved Jewish food and Jewish tradition. They have lived in the Jewish district for many years, and she made friends with a Jewish family. She went to see them for the Sabbath. She really liked it.
When I came back to Denver, I decided to learn about the Jewish tradition. I started read about Jews. I…

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