What Is The Charismatic Speech In Shakespearian's Speech

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Register to read the introduction… He wants his soldiers to prove that they are worthy of fighting for him. He is saying that he would not want to die in the company of a man who fears to die with them. St Crispian’s day is also painted to be very important, and Shakespeare writes that ‘he who outlives this day, and comes safe home, will stand a tip-toe when this day is nam’d.’ So basically saying, whoever lives through this day and comes home safe and sound, can stand on tip toes, stand high, because they should be proud of himself. Henry adds that every peasant who fights with him will become his brother, and all the Englishmen that chose to stay at home and not fight will have regret for the rest of their life that they were not there to witness and share in the honour of winning. The St Crispian’s speech is obviously very inspirational. His men are extremely outnumbered so to encourage them to fight, Henry obviously put out a very charismatic speech. He is motivational and is encouraging his soldiers that they can win even if they are outnumbered from as much at 5 to …show more content…
Henry is explaining that the soldiers have basically got to get their act together or the gap will be filled up with English corpses. He goes onto say that there is no better quality in a man than restraint and humility in peacetime. But, when the battle comes, Henry explains that as soon as the trumpet blows, his soldiers need to act like the tiger, act strong. This is metaphorical language because a tiger growls, a tiger is strong and fierce, which are qualities needed in a battle to fight. Henry continues to motivate the soldiers and encourage them, telling them to grit their teeth and let their nostrils flare and face up to what they have to do. Henry then goes on to compare the fathers of his men to Alexander the Great and that during the battle they should not dishonour their mothers, and do their mothers proud. I think this is a sign of tough love because although he is motivating his troops, he is saying if they don’t do well then their mothers will not be proud of them. Also, Henry is obviously very proud to be English in this section. Whilst making his speech, he says that the troops should show that they are worthy of their English upbringing, and that their limbs were made in England. But, Henry does not doubt that they are worth of their birth for a minute. This shows he is just getting them to be strong but doing it in such a way that they want to do him and their heritage

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