What Is Beowulf's Downfall

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Have you ever lost a fight? What was your downfall? In the book Beowulf, he starts out a strong and successful warrior. As time goes by he starts to age and becomes weak. This is his downfall. Beowulf has three major fights with very different monsters in his lifetime. Each time he changes his style to compete with his opponents.

Who was his first major fight with? It was with a monster named Grendel. Grendel was a descendant of Cain, who was cursed for killing his brothers. Grendel hates fun and joy because of the curse. He starts to attack the Danish people for always having fun and singing. Beowulf hears of the distress these people are in and comes to aid them with his men. Beowulf was young when he fought him, but still he had the strength of thirty men in one arm. He broke Grendel's fingers, then ripped off his arm. He ran back to his lair and bled to death. In the morning Beowulf was very boastful and arrogant when he retells his story to the men.

Who attacked next? A
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Fast Forward fifty years, Beowulf is in his home in the Geatland. He is a king now. A slave steals a golden cup from a cave, to buy his freedom. Little did this slave know that this cave was guarded by a dragon. The dragon knows something is missing from the cave and starts to burn and terrorize the people and the city. Beowulf can't stand it any longer so, he rounds up eleven of his most loyal men and the slave who stole the cup. Beowulf has a feeling this will be his last battle. He wears full armor, takes a shield and a sword. He tells his men to wait outside and goes in alone. The men realize that he losing, his shield is melting and the sword didn’t work. All the men but Wiglaf run. He rushes in to aid his king. The dragon bites Beowulf in the neck. But before he dies he and Wiglaf stab the dragon. Wiglaf helps him out of the cave and near a tree. He asks to see the treasure before he dies. Since he has no kin, he names Wiglaf king of the

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