What Is Beautiful, Good, Or True? Essay

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What is beautiful, good, or true? How does a person find themselves? For readers to understand Tan 's answers to these questions in Joy Luck, they must first learn about Tan 's life before she became an author.

Amy’s “Tan”gled Life In an interview, author Amy Tan stated, “Writing is an extreme privilege but it 's also a gift. It 's a gift to yourself and it 's a gift of giving a story to someone.” A gift both to and from her, The Joy Luck Club was the post-modern writer 's most well-known work. Although Tan initially struggled to meld together her dual identity as a Chinese American, her childhood experiences inspired her writing career during her adult life, eventually leading her to become one of the most recognized and respected Asian-Americans authors.
In Tan’s early life, she led a culturally blended childhood. She was born February 19, 1952, in Oakland, California (Huntley 1). Her full name is Amy Ruth Tan, given to her by her Chinese emigrant parents, Daisy and John Tan (2). As she was growing up, Amy had some tension and conflict with her dual heritage since she was Chinese by blood and American by birth (2). Amy began to notice that she was physically different from her American counterparts, so she would try to reshapen her nose with a clothespin (2). In addition to feeling like an outsider with her fellow Americans, her mother Daisy caused her to feel aesthetically unpleasant since Amy did not meet Daisy’s standards for beauty (Tan, Opposite 217). The cultural…

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