Essay on What Does The Word Redux Means?

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prediction that human ancestors would be found in Africa, we can predict when common ancestor would appear for example, the discovery of the” fishapod” Tiktaalik in 370-million-year-old-rocks. I could not dispute that through science and the great work they have helped us to understand what went on in the past, and might be able to predict what might go on in the future concerning evolution. But I still haven’t read in this book or Your Inner Fish that there is absolute proof of the evolutionary theory. To me we still cannot say that Darwinism have been verified. I can see through what we have been studying how evolution occurred when it comes to dead things bones. But I think it only apply to that dead thing. It doesn’t prove anything about its begging it any prove that it did live. This is my opinion and I am probably real wrong, but like I said, I still can’t tell what the word Redux means but I am willing to keep studying until I do. Chapter 9 talks about Evolution Redux, and The Best Within. And on page 224 it asked: Why does the public care so passionately about a theory of biology? Because people since inductively that there’s much more at state than a scientific theory. They know that when naturalistic evolution is taught in the science classroom, then a naturalistic view of ethics will be taught down the hallway in the history classroom, the sociology classroom, the family life classroom, and all areas of the curriculum. Nancy Pearcey an American Philosopher…

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