What Does It Mean? Essay

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One of the most fundamental questions asked is “What does it mean to be a human?”.
Every philosophy believes in different definitions of a human.Every human shared has some characteristics that make them special. Every human has their own ways of living and looking at different situations.Transcendentalists are corrects about what it means to be a human because they show exactly what it means to be a human as an individual and how believing in God changes their life. To begin, Transcendentalists are correct about what it means to be a human because they show how to succeed in life even when they are alone. According to Transcendentalists individualism is important. They are correct because one is a single person and must know how to live alone. Transcendentalists personal characteristics play a major role in being individual. They are enjoying what they have and always look to the positive side of the conflict that might come up. The environment that they live in shows individualism because they don 't have everything that others might have but yet still find substitutions to replace the needed. Ralph Waldo Emerson in the piece From Self Reliance strongly try 's to explain what an individual is. He is constantly saying how everyone must be doing everything alone and society doesn 't matter. How one should believe in their own thoughts and decisions. Transcendentalists prove that being individual makes them a better person because they must alone and know the…

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