What Did The Internment Of Japanese Americans Mean? Essay

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In “What Did the Internment of Japanese Americans Mean?” originally published in 2000 by St. Martin’s Press, University of California’s assistant professor of history Alice Yang Murray illuminates the travesty of internment set upon Japanese Americans by the United States. Alice Yang Murray is a passionate humanitarian, historian and while her surname Yang tells us she is she is of Asian or more specifically Chinese decent she does not allow this supposed bias to detract from her factual analysis. If there is anything is to be said regarding the bias of Murray it that she has done a great deal of research to forgo it. This omitted bias is in stark contrast to the historians whom have covered the subject of internment in the past. According to Alice Yang Murray “..even as these works recount a history of strikes, riots, and mass demonstrations, they present resistance as an unfortunate product of miscommunication and misunderstanding rather than a legitimate response to incarceration”(21). Accordingly, Murray wishes to dispel the false narrative archived by historians of the past, and bring firm understanding to the maltreatment brought upon Japanese Americans in a nation wrought by prejudice. The thesis of this book is not so easily captured by the reader as to be picked out of the first paragraph; moreover, the purpose of this book is to cause the reader to think constructively upon the internment of the Japanese Americans with many key facts laid bare. As the title “What…

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