What Causes An Eating Disorder? Essay

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91% of females are unsatisfied with their body and of those females 70% fall under the normal weight category (Gallivan). So why is it that so many females are unhappy with their body image? Why do 20 million females in the U.S. suffer from an eating disorder? Research has found that the factors that contribute to an eating disorder fall under three main categories: biological, psychological, and social. While genetics and physiological factors play a role in contributing to an eating disorder, it is found that the most dominant factor is social ("For Family and Friends"). The influential social factors that cause an eating disorder in females include: family, peers, and the media. Family tends to be the most influential model in one’s life. In Goodman’s study on what causes an eating disorder, 35% of females answered that their mothers made them feel pressured to be thin (Goodman). As a female grows up, they tend to watch their mother for what is right and wrong. If a child grows up in an environment where their mother places any importance on weight, the child will begin to put an emphasis on weight in their own life. Studies have established links between mothers own dieting and worry about weight, mothers encouraging their child to lose weight, parental judgment, teasing, and concerning comments on their child’s weight that confirms that the mother has a huge influence on the development of an eating disorder in her daughter’s life (Lorasch-Gunderson). When the child…

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