What Are The Conceivable Reasons For Enslavement?

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Psychology is a science dedicated to comprehend behavior of human. According to Baskind (2012), therapists are concerned with enhancing the nature of individuals ' lives and their life fulfillment. Clinicians consider practices that advance individuals ' prosperity and life fulfillment versatile practices. Practices that serve to utmost individuals ' working and reduce life fulfillment are termed maladaptive practices. Since addiction is an unsafe, maladaptive behavior where mental models are exceptionally valuable for understanding why individuals participate in this undesirable behavior. According to Cohen and Orr (2015), clinicians propose a few conceivable reasons for enslavement. To start with, individuals may take part in destructive …show more content…
This usually means when a person is unable to stop and it shows in individual’s life that drugs rule person’s life in some ways. The problems with drugs may affect physical health, emotional well- being, family or social relationships (O’donnell, 2013).
Denis Daley also voices that an addicted person such as a drug addict express uncontrollable ways of using the substances. The symptoms occur when the person tries to manage the drug use. Such characters usually want to restrict drug use to some times in the week or during the day, or they usually restrict how much they use at the time drug use episode (O’donnell, 2013).
Mayo Clinic Staff at hospital in United States, states that a person addicted to drugs is dependent upon legal or illegal drugs or medication. The clinic also explains, and gives an understanding that when a person becomes addicted one is unable to focus on their drug use and they are more likely to endure using the drug not even thinking of the damage it causes (Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, 2015). Symptoms given by the Mayo Clinic are as following.
• Usually people start using drugs in social gatherings, when somebody offers it to them. This shows that how quickly one becomes addicted depends on the drug
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Class C: Cannabis, GHB, Rohypnol, and Valium. (Rogers, 2012).
The NARCONON Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation programme states that illegal drugs are the drugs such as: marijuana, cocaine, crack cocaine, ecstasy, opium, heroin, meth, and amphetamine and so on (The NARCONON Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Programme, 2013)
Throughout the work it was addressed a notion of drug addiction. Yet they have been addressed issues such as drug abuse and adolescence, drug addiction and family and drug addiction. In general, the family has trouble adapting to the new situation appropriately, passing the drug to determine the behaviors and feelings family, in that all pass function to live in drug element. According to The NARCONON Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Programme (2013), the addict teenager, discovers a new way of life, and as a source of pleasure drugs losing and sacrificing their principles depending on the need. Bringing thereby great suffering to his family where parents feel guilty and also blame others for it. No greater suffering when unaware of the ways of dealing with her son

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