What A Person Does Today Will Affect The Future Essay

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What a person does today will affect the future. If a person tries hard and works for something that they really want, or if they do not try at all then it will affect the outcome. History literally means his or her story. Stories are told to each generation to keep the memory alive and that is why history is so important, because otherwise the past would be unknown and people would not know the kind of hurt their families went through to be free, or the things that their ancestors did to make sure that their families in the future would get what they need. This is how the Underground Railroad is; it is stories of the hurt and tortured people that could just not take the pain any more so they took a stand, whether it meant losing their life or not. The past does affect the future substantially; with slavery and the Underground Railroad came racism and judgement.
In the fourteen hundreds Portuguese Prince Henry wanted to find faster and safer trade routes, over the ocean. So his ship set off and found their way to Africa. They then went back with rich cargoes of gold and slaves. When Henry died in 1460, about eight hundred slaves had been transported back to Portugal. They continued to sail in hope of finding the far East, but instead they found North, Central, and South America’s. Also known as the New World. (Gorrell pg. 6-7) The first slave ship arrived in the New World from Africa in the early fifteen hundreds, landing the human cago in mainly Spanish and Portuguese…

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