Essay about We Must Be Our New Worker

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“Oh, you must be our new worker!” said the lady at the desk.
“Ya… I’m apparently a caretaker…” said Stella, “But I’m not sure what that means exactly…”
“Don’t worry; they’ll explain inside.” said the woman, smiling, “Head into room 6 on aisle 9.”
“Alright…” said Stella, heading down the aisle marked 9. All the doors looked the same; the only way to tell them any different was the fact that there was a number over the frame. Each door looked like it was made from a sheet of metal, had no window, and had locks on the outside of each door. As she walked father down the aisle she began to suspect this place of being more like a prison than a caretaking facility. Her entire body was screaming to run, but she didn’t know what might happen to them if they refused to do what they were supposed to. At the very worst, they would just be forced to leave tonight if it was something horrendous.
When she came upon the door marked 6, she knocked, but there was no answer so she went on in. The room looked extremely similar to that of the one that they were in when they arrived; in fact it was probably the exact one. The only difference was that there were no chairs anymore and that there was a large metal table in the very center, just under the lamp. Stella noticed that there was a small letter sitting on the table and headed over to read it. The letter said “You’re initiation will begin momentarily, please wait for your trainers.”
“What the fuck is that supposed to mean,” she said,…

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