Essay on Waste Management Of Contaminated Items

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Along with sharps disposal all health workers are required to be trained in correct procedures for waste management of contaminated items. When it comes to waste disposal of contaminated items the health facility will have to follow current legislation and regulations concerning waste management. The health facility will refer to Australian Standard AS/NZS 3816, Workplace Health and Safety Act 2011 and Department of Environment and Heritage Protection – Guideline to Clinical and related waste (Koutoukidis et al, 2013, p 380). Using these regulations will assist the facility in creating work place polices in regards to waste disposal as well as using companies approved for the removal of the waste from the facility.

When staff are handling waste they are to apply standard precautions to provide protection from possible exposure to bloody and body substances. Accordingly waste should be segregated at the point of generation and disposed of according to type of waste and the facilities waste management program. For example in a health facility waste will be separated into general waste, clinical waste and cytotoxic waste by all staff (Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, 2015, p 6). Once the waste has been segregated according to the regulations the waste must be packaged, labelled, handled and transported appropriately to minimise the potential for contact with the waste and reduce the risk to the environment from accidental releases (Department of Environment…

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