Waste Management Assignment

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Along with sharps disposal all health workers are required to be trained in correct procedures for waste management of contaminated items. When it comes to waste disposal of contaminated items the health facility will have to follow current legislation and regulations concerning waste management. The health facility will refer to Australian Standard AS/NZS 3816, Workplace Health and Safety Act 2011 and Department of Environment and Heritage Protection – Guideline to Clinical and related waste (Koutoukidis et al, 2013, p 380). Using these regulations will assist the facility in creating work place polices in regards to waste disposal as well as using companies approved for the removal of the waste from the facility.

When staff are handling
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Regulations required for transporting require the waste to be transported in rigid-walled, puncture resistant containers, this is to prevent exposure through inferior bins that may split, break or be punctured (Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, 2015, p 8). Transportation of waste management offsite from the health facility must be through an approved service that also follows the regulations for waste treatment and disposal. Some of the regulations that the commercial waste management transportation must adhere to include the vehicle is designed to protect the driver, public and environment from exposure to the waste during transportation in the event of an accident, vehicles kept solely for transporting clinical waste, and the driver should be segregated from the waste (Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, 2015, p …show more content…
Records of education sessions are kept along with a attendance sign on form, at the end of the education session to ensure staff have taken the knowledge on board a small questionnaire could be provided for the staff and at a successful completion of the education session a certificate could be provide. To ensure that staff are being compliant with waste disposal monitoring would be ongoing to ensure the facility is adhering to the waste management regulations. This may include observing staff through audits, looking in the infectious isolated rooms and ensuring the correct waste bins are on display such as yellow bins and cytotoxic bins. Checking with the laundry to ensure that linen bags from each ward are being received correctly, such as contaminated linen are they being placed in the plastic dissolvable bags, cytotoxic laundry in the dissolvable plastic bags as well as being

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