Essay on Was Fdr's New Deal Succesful?

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FDR made a huge difference in the country’s economy by making the New Deal, designed to get America out of the Depression. FDR’s plan using the three R’s – Relief, Recovery and Reform was really helpful to the economy but some people seemed to strongly disagree on his methods.
To begin with, FDR’s New Deal seemed to only help employees, and this maddened not only the employers, but also the companies themselves. “Nearly every public statement form Washington is against stimulation of business which would end in the end create employment” (Document B). This is trying to say that with FDR’s plan to not produce unnecessary product in order to not spend money that could be saved makes companies need less employees, and that creates more
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By giving too many rights to the employees the country could end up failing at producing goods, something that could take us to a bad economy again.
One of FDR’s plans – Social Security Act, to be more specific – was a huge improvement for the country. On the other hand, this act was not able to help everyone: “Only a few exceptions, such as agriculture, domestic service, and government work” (Document E) Why wasn’t this eligible for everyone? Wouldn’t it be if FDR were trying to help? This not only maddened the group of people who weren’t eligible, but it also confused the rest as in why those groups weren’t. Furthermore it was obvious that the depression had affected the farmers more than most, having to close thousands of farms around the country. Almost 13 million nonfarm workers were unemployed in 1933, 12 million more than 4 years prior, when the number was at 1 million five hundred and fifty thousand. (Document J) So why wasn’t social security eligible for everyone? This made FDR’s plan look suspicious and make people think that maybe he was not trying to help the country overall.
When Hoover was the president of the United States he seemed to ignore the rights Negroes

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