Voltaire's Candide Essay: The Facade Of Piety

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The Facade of Piety The Church, perpetrator of religious persecution and intolerance of differing opinions of belief, this is the Church that Voltaire knew in his time. Often making satires of the Church through his various works with one of the most notable being Candide. Candide shows the various negative aspects of the Church with their traditional leaders being corrupt and immoral. These men tainted the Church and abuse their power; Voltaire grouped them into individuals that act the exact opposite of the religious doctrine. Through this hypocrisy, Voltaire provides a message that the core values of the Church is not what he wanted to satirize but the men who abuse the powers granted by religion to fulfill their own desires. These men are merely showing a facade …show more content…
The utopian society Eldorado have this system and one of them tells Candide “we are all priests. The King and all the heads of families sing solemn canticles of thanksgiving every morning” (18, 63), showing a society that has achieved religious bliss. However, this way is unrealistic in Voltaire’s world for out of all the places Candide traveled to, he can only find the ideal way to worship God in a society that is non-existent. For man will always have wants and need for power, not the need to give thanks to God for their place. This reflects the idealized people of Eldorado, who instead pray for good fortune, thank the Lord for what he granted them. This indicates that being united in giving thanks to God, that they do not have religious strife by having differing views. For Voltaire only knew of an age of religious turmoil and divide. Thousands dead for disagreements showed Voltaire that religion is only beneficial to society through unity not the conflicts between children of God. However, that is unfeasible for men would always find conflict fueled by their own jealousy and

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