Magic In A Midsummer Night's Dream Essay

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The use of magic and supernatural power in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream is evident throughout which helps to create love and fun and also mischief. In fact in this play, Shakespeare make it mysterious, comic, and romantic to grasp the audience and thus make it entertaining. Another thing to note is that imagination and many uses of supernatural powers in the story strength the play (Moffatt, 2004). Entertainment would be absent in this play if it were not for the use of supernatural powers which create light moments of magics and humour. He also uses magic to cause problems and also solve them through the same means. Magic utilization in this play is accompanied with the consequence of its use. Finally, magic is the main theme as …show more content…
The characters take the woods as an escape route but what the woods depicts gives a different idea (Moffatt, 2004). In this play, the lovers travel to the woods where they reunite with one another and with Athens and also wed in transformed with what occurred in the woods. When the two lovers storm in the woods, one can get the real picture painted by the shadowy place as it creates an environment full of harmony till the end of the play. One of the differences between Athens and the woods is that in the woods presence of constancy and absoluteness which lacks in Athens. Also, the woods serve as an escape from Athens though what happens in them is related with Athens. As a result of fairies and magic Athens, peacefulness is evident in the end of the play. Shakespeare uses rulers in the woods who are Oberon the King of Fairies and Titania the Queen of Fairies and include Oberon servant Puck (Rieger, 2009). Their main purpose is to portray to the people the presence of the fairies and their impact on humans. For instance, Pucks claims to be merry wanderer of the night to another fairy, and he can take any image of other things for jesting with Oberon and fooling mortals. Possession of a good shape changer makes Puck feel as he was the wisest creature telling the saddest story or sometimes being mistaken for a three-footed

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